How To Use Porter Cable Air Compressor?

Working with pneumatic tools is a very easy task for an air compressor. That’s one of the biggest reasons why compressors are getting hugely popular. You can choose your compressor according to your work as you have so many options to choose from. Most of them are easy to handle and lightweight. Some of them are portable also. You will get mind-blowing performance all the time because of the power to weight ratio of an air compressor. You can also play with different types of tools as well.

When it comes to the size of an air compressor, you get multiple options to choose from. If you want a compressor for industrial use then you need to go with a large and heavy-duty air compressor. On the other hand, if you want a compressor for your home use then you will get a compact and portable air compressor. As porter cable air compressor is made for home use only so you have already got the idea that it has compact design and portability. 

Some people refuse to use these magical machines because of the initial noise of an air compressor. But this happens only when the motor is getting started. This is must because the air compressor needs to suck air and compress it for use.

According to our test, we’ve found that Porter cable air compressors are comparatively safer than other air compressors you will find in today’s market. However, no matter what you need to be conscious about safety all the time while operating any compressor. 

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How To Use Porter Cable Air Compressor:

Porter cable air compressor gives you a very simple method and even a newbie will find it easy to operate. To operate more safely and easily we’ve given some instructions here:

  1. Assemble: At first, you need to assemble essential things especially an adjustable wrench, a plumber’s tape, air compressor tools, air-compressor hose, your safety equipment, and 115v of electricity supply. 
  2. Knob Fixing: You need to find out the knob of the air compressor. Basically, you’ll find them near the air outlet. You have to rotate the knob anti-clockwise to fix the issue. Perform this method until it gets in It’s perfect form.
  3. Hose Fixing: You need to fix the Air hose as well. There are only two ways of doing it and it depends on how your compressor was made. Those two methods are- (i)Directly on the outer port (ii) By using the quick connect fitting. 
  4. Turn “off” The Switch: The switch points gets usually upwards when it is off. So, you have to be careful whether it is off or not. When you’re not working then make sure the switch is in the off position. 
  5. Ideal Power Source: A dedicated 15amp circuit is ideal for an air compressor. So, make sure that your compressor is getting the right power from the right source. 
  6. Auto Level: Running on auto level helps you to turn off the compressor automatically when the air pressure reaches the maximum capacity. So, if you are worried about turning it off late then just run it on the auto level.
  7. Setting: You need to connect the tool to the other end of the pressure hose. To reach the recommended setting for the tool, you have to turn the knob on the pressure regulator clockwise. 
  8. Turning Off: Make sure you always turn off the switch every time you finish your work with the compressor. 
  9. Drain valve: If you want to release the pressure then you have to open the drain valve of the air compressor. To open the drain valve, you have to turn it anti-clockwise. You’ll find the drain valve usually at the bottom of an air compressor. 
  10. Storing: Make sure you have stored your porter cable air compressor in a place that is dust and humidity-free.

By reading the above points, you can easily understand the simplicity and ease of using the method of the Porter-Cable Air Compressor. Using a porter cable air compressor is very safe as well. This compressor makes your work almost hassle-free and easy.

No matter what, Safety always comes first. Some of the Safety points are given below:

  • Read The Manual :

Though using a porter cable air compressor is easy but you have to make sure that you read the article of the manual and follow the instructions very carefully. For most of the models, our above instructions will work but some compressors can be tuned differently by the manufacturer. So, read the manual so that you don’t miss any kind of safety information about your air compressor. 

  • Connection Sealed:

When you’re not using the air compressor, make sure that the connection is properly sealed. The connection between the hose and the tool must be sealed. You can use a plumber’s tape and a pipe wrench to seal the connection fully. The plumber’s tape will make sure that the seal is airtight. 

  • Precautions: 

You need to be careful enough to handle all the high power tools. An air compressor blows air at a very high speed. So, make sure you put the safety glasses on to prevent any flying objects or debris. Hand gloves are a must if you wanna work with an air compressor. 

  • Clothing:

Working with loose-fitting clothing can be dangerous as they tend to get tangled. So to avoid these dangers try not to wear loose-fitting clothing when you’re working with an air compressor. 

  • Workplace:

If your porter cable air compressor is not recommended for outdoor uses then don’t use it outside of the house. Make sure your workplace has a natural airflow to make your work comfortable. 

  • Rust problem:

Rust makes one of the biggest problems for air compressor cylinders. Rust is so dangerous that it can lead your cylinder to explode as well. So, when you store your air compressor make sure the area is humidity-free to prevent rust. You need to check very carefully if there is any rust or not before you start using your air compressor. The good news is most of the latest models are getting non-corrosive materials.

  • Decompress:

You have to decompress air every time after using an air compressor. Make sure you drain out all the compressed air. This will help you to have a longer tank life. Otherwise, the tank can be damaged if you store the compressor without decompressing. 

  • Maintaining:

You need to clean the hoses and the fittings for better performance. Check every hoses and opening before use to make sure that they are not blocked by any debris. If you take proper maintenance of your porter cable air compressor, it will give you longer service than your expectations.


According to the above article, some might feel that It’s very hard to use an air compressor. But we can ensure you that if you get those points once with your compressor, you will end up having a lot of fun. You can be benefited in many ways as an air compressor helps you to cover a large number of work. This wonderful innovation will serve your life if you use it responsibly.

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