How To Refill CO2 Tank With Air Compressor?

Air compressor is a very necessary product which helps us to make our life easier. By reading the whole article you will able to know about how to refill the CO2 tank with an air compressor.

You will find a lot of air compressors in the market with varieties of options depending on your type of work. There is some compressor which can handle a lot of tasks and there are also some which were built for only one kind of work. An air compressor can easily handle nailing work, furniture work, painting job and even filling certain types of tanks.

Basically, an air compressor comes with two options. Either you can use them for your home garage or you can use them for your shop. If you want to take an air compressor for your shop then you need to go for the bigger one with a much CFM number.

However, there is some compressor which makes less noise and at the same time, they are portable and work efficiently. These compressors are best for your home garage work.

How Can You Refill CO2 Tank With Air Compressor?

Many people want to refill the CO2 tank with an air compressor. To help them with this matter we are going to discuss all the things related to filling the CO2 tank with an air compressor.

CO2 tanks Vs. Nitrogen tanks Vs Compressed Air tanks (HPA)

These three compressors are mainly seen in most places and they have a different job but you will find some similarities between them. So, they have kind of the same nature. So, let’s take a short idea about them.

CO2 TANKS: There are two options to fill this tank. Either you fill them with liquid CO2 or with gaseous CO2. No matter what form you take to fill up the tank, it will revert out as a gaseous form.

NITROGEN TANKS: The only option to fill the tank is liquid nitrogen. This tank is kind of uncommon from the HPA tank or CO2 tank.

COMPRESSED AIR TANKS: This kind of tank is also called HPA ranks which means High-Pressure Air. HPA tank is filled with only pure oxygen. This tank has two categories. Some have highly filtered air and some have unfiltered air. Filtered air tanks are mostly used with SCUBA tanks or for breathing apparatuses. This kind of tank can be used for the same purposes as CO2 tanks.

FILLING A CO2 TANK: If you want to know about how to refill co2 tank with an air compressor then follow these steps to fill your CO2 tank.


At first, you need to check the tank. Make sure that there is a hydro-testing number on the tank. All tanks have the hydro testing number painted on their body. Some smaller unit does not need any hydro test if you make any initial test. If the tank is being tested in the last 5 years then the tank is ready to use. But if there is no number of hydro testing, then you must take a hydro test for your safety before using.

2. Understand the Rating of Tank PSI

You will find the tank PSI rating printed right outside of the canister or on the side of the bottom. It can be written like this: “3AL1800” or “E3000”. This always begins with a letter and followed by a long serial number.

The letter of the serial number indicates the regulatory authority’s specifications the cylinder adheres to. The numbers on the other hand are called the main rating of the PSI. From the above example of PSI, we can see that the first tank has a PSI rating of 1800 and the second tank has a PSI rating of 3000. So, this was the matter with the PSI rating of an air compressor’s tank.

However, you should not try to fill the tank beyond its max capacity. No matter what gases you’re filling, It’s better to underfill the tank than overfilling the tank. This method goes for the CO2 tank as well. Though you can you can fill up to the capacity if you are using 100% dry and oil-free air. But if you are not sure about the air that It’s dry and oil-free or not then It’s better to underfill. It’s all for safety.

3. You Need To Use The Right Fill Adapter

There are different settings for the CO2 tanks and compressed air tanks. This will help you to prevent any danger if you put the wrong type of gas in the cylinder accidentally. However, to get by this you will need an adaptor. Adaptors will allow you to connect the CO2 tank without any problem as if it were a compressed air tank.

Depending on primary use, compressed air tanks vary in their threatening. You will find CGA-320 threading or CGA 347 threading mostly on CO2 tanks. You need to know about what kind of threading your compressor uses as well as what threading your CO2 bottle has before you buy any adaptors. This will help you to get the right fit for your tank. To do it perfectly, you will need a complete seal.

4. Completely Empty the Tank

You need to empty the tank completely before you start adding anything into your tank. No matter what takes your time to empty it. When it is time to attach your adaptor to the tank, you need to hook it up to the hose fitting. Do it without connecting the compressor. There should be a valve that allows you to let any remaining air escape and even open the tank. Close the valve carefully before you start filling the tank again.

5. Use a High-Pressure Air Compressor

You will definitely need a high-pressure air compressor to fill a CO2 tank. You cannot fill them with a low pressurized pump or any hand pump which can go only up to 150 PSI. These are basically used for tires. Your compressor needs to deliver the right PSI matching with your tank. This part is very important.

Some particular compressors are not gonna give you private scuba fill statistics. But, it’s helpful for some users who usees other compressed air. There are a built-in bleed-off valve and a built-in PSI pressure gauge.

If the compressor gets too hot or filling flashes the max level of 4500 PSI then the compressor will come to an auto-stop. Remember that you cannot adjust auto-stop at a specific PSI level for other sizes. So, you need to very careful and watch it closely. There are specific adapters also to convert a paintball compressor into a scuba tank.

However, a standard air compressor does not allow you to fill your tanks at home or even they cannot reach the high PSI level.

No matter what, an accident can occur at any time during work. So, you need to look after these matters to avoid possible harm or problems:

• Never drop a CO2 tank
• Never puncture the tank
• You should keep the tank away from any kind of flammable materials to prevent fire or an explosion.
• Don’t lose focus while working with an air compressor.
• Stay alert when the tank is refilling.


I hope that now you know how to refill the CO2 tank with an air compressor. You just need to follow the steps carefully.

Don’t panic if there is anything goes wrong. It’s a very easy and common matter than you may think. However, if you find yourself not so so much confident, then you might take any professional’s help for the first time.

Using an air compressor will let you smile after you’ve done the work perfectly.

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