How To Inflate A Pool With An Air Compressor?

No one even likes the idea of manually inflating a pool. It’s exhausting. That brought me to search for how to inflate a pool with an air compressor. There can’t be an easier way.

Inflating a pool with an air compressor only requires three easy steps. Connect the compressor to the pool, turn the machine ON, and then turn it OFF at the right time.

There are few other ways you can use to inflate your pool too. But if you ask me, an air compressor is the best one you can go for.

If you want a more detailed insight regarding inflating a pool, keep on reading. Let’s start with the types of air compressors you can use to inflate your pool. 

Types Of Air Compressors You Can Use

The best type of air compressor for inflating pools and other inflatable objects is an electric one. You can easily find them in sports stores or even online. Electric air compressors are lightweight and hence easy to carry.

Electric compressors also come in handy when you experience a flat tire. And because it’s portable, you can keep it with you in case you need it.

Let’s assume you have a bigger pool. You will need a large compressor that comes with a tank. It’s versatile, so you can use it for different chores other than inflating your pool. Moreover, it will inflate your pool quicker than any other alternates. 

Inflate A Pool With An Air Compressor

How To Inflate A Pool With An Air Compressor?

It’s time that I got to the point. So, let’s see how to inflate a pool with an air compressor using three easy steps.

1. Connect Your Compressor to The Pool

There’s an air inlet on your inflatable pool somewhere. Your first job is to locate it. There won’t be any other hole or port of any other kind, so it should be easy to locate.

Now, pick an air hose attachment that fits the pool port. If your compressor doesn’t have an attachment that fits your pool, you can purchase extra attachments.

Connect the attachment to the air hose and then connect the hose to the pool. Some pool inlets come with a layer of plastic over them. Make sure the plastic isn’t blocking the hose.

2. Turn On Your Compressor

The next thing to do is to turn your compressor on. The pool will start to inflate slowly after starting the machine. Keep checking if the air is getting inside the pool.

Give it some time and wait till the pool is inflated to your desired state. Once you think it’s done, move on to the next step.

3. Turn Your Compressor Off

Do not over-inflate your pool. You know well what will happen if you do. When you think the pool reached its desired state, turn the compressor off.

Now, unplug the air hose from the valve opening of your pool. Close the inlet without any delay to prevent the air from escaping. And, you’re done inflating your pool.

A Few Other Alternatives

How To Inflate A Pool

What other things can you use to inflate your pool? Well, for starters, you can manually blow the pool. I’ll tell you why it’s not better than an air compressor in a few seconds. Let me tell you some other alternatives first.

A shop vac is a good idea too. It’s mostly about what tools are available near at hand. A shop vac can function almost the way an air compressor does.

Another DIY way you can try is using a hairdryer. It will need some alteration, though. You will need to cut out the upper part of a bottle to use it as a nozzle.

Tape the bottle you cut behind your hairdryer. Attach it to the pool’s air inlet and turn the dryer on. You will be surprised to see that it works. Don’t forget to use cold air if you intend to use this method.

Using a hand pump will work too. Some small pumps are made for inflating bicycle tires. If you own one of them, you can give it a try.

Why Use An Air Compressor Instead Of Other Options?

As you already know, there are a few alternatives to an air compressor when it comes to inflating your pool. But are they worth giving up the option of an air compressor? Let’s evaluate why they’re not a better option than an air compressor.

The first way I mentioned is manually blowing the pool. It’s time-consuming and harmful for your health. There’s a chance your hands will get tired too, only from holding it near your mouth. 

That’s not as concerning as a lack of oxygen in the brain. When you blow air with your mouth for some time, your brain can experience a lack of oxygen, and you will feel lightheaded. Feeling out of breath is common in this case too.

So, let’s not go with manually inflating your pool. What other options can you consider? A shop vac, perhaps?

Even though a shop vacuum can inflate your pool, it will require some alteration. You’ll need to attach a nozzle to do it. This is only suggested when you don’t have an air compressor.

The last one was a DIY method. Using a hairdryer will take much longer to inflate your pool than an air compressor.  Moreover, if your dryer doesn’t have a cold-air option, you can’t do it. Using hot air will result in damaging your pool.

A hand pump may sound like a good idea but trust me, your arms will get tired in no time by pumping it. I wouldn’t recommend using a small pump. Every tool is made for different purposes for a reason.  

I’m saying that air compressors are your best bet when it comes to inflatable objects. It’s a swift, and quick method with no extra hassles like the other methods come with. If there’s already an air compressor at your home, there is no need to look for other options.

If you don’t own one but considering buying one, don’t be late. You don’t know what you’re missing. One compressor can make your day-to-day life a lot easier. And when it comes to inflating things, what can be better than an air compressor?

Things To Keep In Mind

You likely make a few mistakes when using an air compressor to inflate a pool. If you wish to avoid any unwanted situation, be prepared to avoid them.

  • Do not over-inflate the pool. Even though I’ve already mentioned it, I’m reminding you again. It’s crucial that you turn the compressor off before it’s too late.

If you fail to turn the machine off in time, your pool will rupture. Even if it doesn’t rupture right away, the material will get damaged and rupture later.

  • Do not inflate your pool while it’s full of water. Don’t add water halfway through either. Make sure the pool is empty when you inflate it.
  • Make sure that there aren’t any sharp objects near the pool when you are inflating it. Keep the area free and tidy. One sharp mistake can ruin both your pool and day. Nobody wants that.
  • If you want to purchase an air compressor for inflating a pool, I suggest you buy a compressor that you can use for other projects too. A home compressor with a tank is a good choice because you do lots of other things along with inflating inflatables.

What Are Others Saying?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I inflate my pool without an air compressor?

Yes, you can. There are other ways to inflate a pool. But the most effective and quickest one is using an air compressor. You’ll get your pool inflated in no time when using a compressor.

Q. How to inflate a pool with an air compressor?

You only have to connect the compressor, turn it off, wait for the pool to inflate, and then turn the compressor off. It’s that easy to do.

Q. Can I Inflate pool toys with an air compressor?

Yes, you can. In fact, you can inflate anything that’s inflatable with an air compressor. This machine is quick, effortless, and effective when it comes to inflating objects.

Q. What else can I use to inflate my pool other than using an air compressor?

You can use a pump, shop vacuum, hairdryer, or manual process to inflate your pool. But the easiest and quickest one is an air compressor.

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Final Verdict

Inflating your pool doesn’t have to be a labor-intensive chore, especially when you can get a quicker solution like an air compressor. I hope after going through this article, you have a clear idea of how to inflate a pool with an air compressor.

As easy as it sounds, it’s actually easier when done. But, I do insist that you carefully complete the job without reaching any unwanted situation. That was everything about inflating your pool using an air compressor. I hope you got what you came looking for.

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