Campbell Hausfeld DC040500 Air Compressor Review in 2021

An air compressor is basically a multi-purpose tool that just helps you to have tire inflation, stapling, painting, and nailing. They not just make your work good enough but also makes some notorious noise. So, you must read our Campbell Hausfeld air compressor review to have a better experience with this air compressor.

Engineers tried to make Hausfeld DC040500 as noiseless as possible to use it daily at your house without any hassle. This high-power oil-free motor is 50% quieter than other motors and 125 max PSI is ready to give you a strong and paunchy power delivery. We tasted DC040500 in case of some heavy painting work and didn’t come with any issues which is another plus point for this product.

Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor Review

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We recommend you Campbell Hausfeld DC040500 if you going to use this as your working partner at home. You can take it anywhere you work because of It’s portability. If you want performance, portability, and soundless work then Campbell DC040500 is for you. We can ensure you that Campbell Hausfeld is one of the best air compressor for home garage you can buy today at the market.

What’s In The Box? 

In our Campbell Hausfeld air compressor review, we found that DC040500 air compressor doesn’t come with any hoses or any other accessories. So, basically, you are buying only the compressor. However, no other “quiet” air compressor in this price point is giving you any kind of accessories as well.

At the time of reviewing Campbell Hausfeld DC040500, we have found some Important Features like:

  • It’s a very lightweight air compressor. The twin stack tank is made of lighter aluminum and that’s helped the compressor to lose some weight. The weight is just 38 lbs.
  • There is an ergonomic carrying handle for better movement. This helps the contractors and DIYers a lot.
  • The power delivery is strong enough to make it a good air compressor. The max power is 125 PSI.
  • The dual-piston pump system helps it to have more performance and durability which helps it to have 25% more air.
  • It’s oil-free pump provides you maintenance-free operation without compromising in the performance section. 

Campbell Hausfeld DC040500 is one of the quietest air compressor you can buy today in your market. We’ve found it more than 50% quieter than It’s competitors. 68 decibel allows it to run in your home environment without any disturbance. 


At the time of Campbell Hausfeld air compressor review, we found that It makes our work easier and faster. So, we call it one of the airpower experts. We also review Craftsman 6-Gallon Air Compressor, if you want you can check it.

Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor working in homeCampbell Hausfeld air compressor can handle a long range of tasks. We didn’t feel any issues with these stuff: 

  1. Nailing work
  2. House sealants
  3. Indoor stapling fastening
  4. Normal painting 
  5. Truck tire inflation 



The initial fill time of this air compressor is faster than some of the pancake air compressor in the market. It takes around 1 minute and 40 seconds.  But the magical fact here is that you will barely notice any noise when it refills. You can also have some chitchat with your partner at the same time and also can play music without any problem of hearing. So, you can say It’s amazing as a compressor. 


The engineers of Campbell installed a bunch of circuit breakers in this compressor. These circuits get active whenever you try to use them excessively according to It’s output capacity. This is a very important safety feature as many users are not conscious of the exact tolerance level of an air compressor. So, many users might get rid of damaging their motors or oil leaking problems.


According to our Campbell Hausfeld air compressor review, for this air compressor, the most possible worst scenario can be a minor microscopic lack in the tank which might occur by your unconsciousness. No doubt, you can send back the air compressor to repair the tank but once the tank or the holding part gets leaked, there is no coming back from it. It will get leaked again and again. So, It’s better to charge the unit with a new one for a better working experience. 


The decibel rating range of the Campbell Hausfeld DC040500 air compressor is between 40dB to 85dB. The lower number 40dB makes sure that the air compressor is quieter than a mouse. However, this rating is based on our test results. It might vary from other sources. 

However, in a normal scenario, we can see if an air compressor goes quieter, then its ability to inflate air might be compromised equally. But, you can expect not only basic pool tube inflation but also high-pressure truck tires from Campbell Hausfeld DC040500.


This air compressor has a dedicated 1HP. You might think that “1” seems very low, but there is a ton of power stored up behind the single horsepower. We’ll suggest you take a look at the specifications pertinent to horsepower if you have any doubt before buying an air compressor. 

There is a lot of cheap model air compressor which operate only 1 tenth of actual horsepower written on the specifications or in the box packaging. If you want to find out the actual HP of an air compressor then you have to buy a gauge. By using the gauge you will find where exactly does the HP rating stand. This is the best way to measure an air compressor’s HP and you will find the gauge easily in the market.

Higher HP means higher performance for an air compressor. But higher HP can make a higher noise level as well. In this scenario, this air compressor has only 1 HP which was done to make to reduce the air compressor noise level without compromising the performance.

The most precious horsepower number for an air compressor is 2HP. These compressors generally take less time to fill up but these are used in the industry normally. But 1HP is enough for your home use where you’re getting quieter inflation at standard 110V.


Campbell Hausfeld has made the flagship DC040500 model which has several storage capacities. However, this one we’re reviewing has a 4.4-gallon tank limit but if you spend some extra cash you can go all the way up to 8 gallons. The tank size does not represent how quiet or noisy an air compressor is. So, feel free to go with a higher storage limit if you have that amount of demand for your work. 

By the way, more storage means, it will take more time to fill. But we can assure you that 4 gallons are enough for residential use purposes.


The company does offer you some accessories like 50 Ft. hoses, pliers, and nozzles as a bundle deal. You will find the bundle deal at online retailer websites. However, you will get 2 air outlets and quick connect couplers with the default package.


  1. Three different tanks and air compressors are coming with this product as an option. You can choose between them as your needs.
  2. This is one of the lightest Compressors. 
  3. Very much compact
  4. All models have the same 125 max psi power delivery. 
  5. The high capacity oil-free pump makes sure that your in-home painting is good enough and your nailing tasks are hassle-free.
  6. Only 68 dB noise level doesn’t bother you at working hour. 
  7. The model is 8-gallon which offers you large wheels that offer better flow.
  8. Rubber grip steel handle increases portability and carrying it is not a big task at all.
  9. Key components of this air compressor were designed to have 4 times more longer life than others.


  1. Some people might complain about it’s 120 volts but this is not gonna bother your work.

Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can this compressor air up my truck tires to 80 psi or more?
    Yes. In our test, we were able to fill up truck tires without any problem.
  • Can I run it with my Generator?
    Your generator needs to be 4500 watts to run this compressor perfectly.
  • Does this compressor come with a hose or any kind of attachments?
    This compressor doesn’t come with anything. Only the compressor alone.
  • What is the running amps of this motor?
    It is 7.5 amps running motor.

Bottom Line

According to our Campbell Hausfeld air compressor review, we can ensure you that Campbell Hausfeld DC040500 is a portable, user-friendly, and most importantly soundless air compressor. You don’t need to worry about regular tasks like nailing or pumping or any compressor work. Because of Campbell Hausfeld is soundlessness, durability, and user-friendly behavior we can say that it is one of the best air compressor for your home garage

Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor Specifications

Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor working

Manufacturer: Campbell Hausfeld
Part Number: DC040500
Item Weight: 38 pounds
Product Measurements: 20.86 x 17.32 x 20.86 inches
Item model number: DC040500
Size: 4.6 Gallon Twinstac
Maximum Pressure: 8.6 Bars
Measurement System: Metric
Certification Certified: frustration-free
Compressor Tank Style: Twin Stack
Compressor Tank (Gallons): 4.6
Compressor Horsepower: 1.0
Max PSI: 125
Compressor SCFM@40PSI: 3.2
Compressor SCFM@90PSI: 2.2
Compressor SCFM@Max PSI : n/a
Compressor Voltage: 120
Compressor Amps: 7.5
Pump Type: One Stage
Lubrication: Oil-Free
Special Features: Contractor
dBA @ 3ft : 68
UPC: 045564642129
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