Stanley Air Compressor Review

When it comes to buying a new air compressor, you will probably consider both the price and features. Here, in this Stanley air compressor review, we will try to bring the necessary information closer to you. In order to better understand how does the product work and what you should expect from it, read the review and make a decision. Stanley is a famous and well known company, which will deliver the best performance. Their products are very portable, flexible and also durable. If you want to own a good air compressor for your everyday or even professional tasks, this Stanley air compressor is a good choice.

Stanley Air Compressor Review


Stanley Air Compressor Review – Features

Here we are going to take a look at some of the available features of this compact air compressor. Stanley is providing a good solution for your everyday tasks. It is a small and compact air compressor which will serve your needs. You can pack it in your car and do not worry about the tires. You can set it up easily and be ready for use. Now, inflating the items is very fast and easy process. You do not need a big and heavy air compressor. Just unpack Stanley and inflate the items. Read the review, learn more about the product’s features and then purchase the product.

Powerful Motor

This Stanley air compressor is featuring a great and very powerful electric motor. It will run perfectly at the 120V while delivering a great and very smooth performance.

Working PSI

The maximum working PSI is 115. It can also deliver a good SCFM of 0.7 at 40 PSI. As a result you are getting a smooth performance, exactly according to your needs.

Air Tank

This air compressor also features a 2 gallon air tank. It will deliver the compressed air fast and efficiently.

However, this is a very portable compressor, easy to use and store. It is very quiet air compressor which is easy to set up and use. Also, it comes with an oil free pump. Hence, it is really easy to maintain and keep it safe.

Stanley Air Compressor Review – Specifications

Voltage 120V
Max Working PSI 115 PSI
SCFM at 40 PSI 0.7 SCFM
Air Tank 2 Gallon

Final Verdict

Finally, we came to the end of this Stanley air compressor review. If you decide to purchase this product, you will get a really great performance. Also, it will run really smoothly, which will make your job easier. The solid motor power is also another good thing. The Stanley air compressor is capable of delivering a maximum of 115 PSI. Also, it will deliver 0.7 SCFM at 40 PSI. The air tank of this Stanley air compressor is enough for a fast delivery of compressed air. However, there are a lot of options available on the market, but Stanley is offering a compact and solid product. It is one of the best among the competition. Also, the price is reasonable and affordable. If you are still not sure, check our Stanley air compressor review again and make a decision.