Quincy Air Compressor Review

While looking for a good air compressor which will have a good durability, probably you are seeing a lot of options. Usually we don’t know which is the best choice and we are looking for some recommendations or reviews. This Quincy air compressor review is just right here to help you upon your decision. Because we are aware that there are different products available on the market, we chose one of the best. Quincy air compressors are designed for a lifetime durability. Also, built for efficiency and low operating costs. Hence, you will get a great performance and smooth operating for a great price. We are sure that you will have the best experience with this Quincy air compressor. Also, the price is really reasonable and affordable, which is not the case with other brands.

Quincy Air Compressor Review

Quincy Air Compressor Review – Features

Quincy is a compressor designed for a lifetime. Its durability and efficiency will pay off fast. You will be able to inflate all items with an ease. Also, it operates under low costs, producing more air at a lower horsepower. Quincy air compressor can run at a slower RPM, run cooler and coast lest to operate. There are a lot of features that this air compressor is providing. Scroll down this review to read and learn more about the product.

Industrial Duty Motor

The Qincy air compressor is featuring a great 5 horsepower motor. With the powerful industrial motor provide you a great smooth performance. You will be able to operate and do your job easily. It has one of the best motors which is common in the compressor world. Hence, you are getting a great quality and performance at once.

60 Gallon Air Tank

With this great air gallon tank, you will get enough compressed air. The 60 gallon air tank is set vertically, which provides more flexibility. As a result, you will have your job done efficiently and fast.

145 – 175 Working PSI

The working pressure is really flexible, starting from 145 PSI and up to 175 PSI. You can set it according to your needs for compressing. Also, there is available CFM at 175 PSI – 15.2, CFM at 100 PSI – 15.4 and CFM at 90 PSI – 15.4. As a result you are getting an amazing performance, set according to your needs.

Quincy Air Compressor Review – Specifications

Volts 230
Motor Power 5 HP
Maximum PSI  175
CFM at 175 PSI 15.2 CFM
CFM at 100 PSI 15.4 CFM
Air Tank Size 60 Gallons, Vertical
Drive Belt
Pump Life 50,000+ Hours

Final Verdict

Finally, we can conclude that this Quincy air compressor is a great product which will serve you for years. Its great durability, high quality and portability are one of the best features. This Quincy air compressor has an amazing and powerful 5 horse motor power. It will run smoothly and easily. The working PSI is flexible from 145 PSI to 175 PSI. Also, the air tank has a great size of 60 gallons, which is vertical. However, these are just some of the available features. We hope that this Quincy air compressor review will help you better understand how this product works and what does it offer.