Puma Air Compressor Review

Puma Industries is a well known company which will give you the best out of its products. While looking for a good air compressor, Puma is one of the best brands you can find. In this Puma air compressor review, we will introduce one of the best Puma air compressors. The compressor is convenient for both professional and commercial use. It features a great motor power and a big air tank. While offering a wide range of good features you will be able to get your job done fast and easy. In order to keep you informed, we made this review which will help you get all the necessary information. To learn more, scroll down this review.

Puma Air Compressor Review


Puma Air Compressor Review – Features

3HP Running

The compressor is featuring a great and really powerful motor. It has a 3HP running motor which operates easily and smoothly. The motor is not very loud. Hence, you will be able to work in a peaceful environment.

135 Maximum PSI

The Puma compressor which has a great motor is able to run up to 135 maximum PSI. This is a great feature which will make your work easier. Another thing, it features 12 CFM at 90 PSI and 13.5 CFM at 40 PSI. The working PSI is really flexible, you can set it according to your working needs.

Great Voltage

This Puma compressor is running under a 230 voltage which will be more than enough. Also, it features a 1 phase induction motor with an overload protection. As a result, you will get a smooth and nice performance.

Air Tank

Having a compressor with a good air tank is now easy. This Puma compressor is featuring a great 60 gallon compressor which is set vertically. It is constructed out of single stage cast iron which provides extra durability.

The compressor has other features like oil lubricated, single stage cast iron pump and portable units. It also includes a built – in pressure regulator and quick couple for pressure control. It has ½“ outlet ball valve and ¼” drain ball valve on 60 gallons vertical tank. As any other product, this Puma air compressor has its own downsides. One of them is the on / off switch which is inferior plastic.

Puma Air Compressor Review – Specifications

Maximum pressure 135 PSI
Motor Power 3 HP
Voltage 230
Phase 1
Air Tank 60 Gallons

Final Verdict

Finally, at the end of this Puma air compressor review, there is nothing much left to say. We hope that our review will help you learn more about the product and come up with a good decision. We can only say that the compressor is very good, offering you a wide range of features and giving you the best performance. Honestly, it is a great product for the price. You cannot really expect more from the competition in the same price range. We can just confirm that the product is definitely worth it. No matter if you are using it professionally or a commercial use, the compressor will do its job. Running smoothly and without a very loud sound you will have a good working environment.