California 10020C Air Compressor Review

California 10020C Air Compressor Review – The Best Quiet Air Compressor

If you are looking for the best quiet air compressor with the most advanced and handy features, the California 10020C Air Compressor should be your first choice. This flexible and easy-to-carry portable air compressor will enable you to carry out technical tasks such as inflating your ATV bike tires, mattresses, floats and more in the most convenient manner. The unique selling point of the California Air Compressor is the digital pressure gauge installed in it.

This pressure gauge allows the user to set a pressure point suitable to them, which will shut down the machine according to the pre-programmed values inserted in it by the user. Unlike common air compressors that are gas powered, this one comes with a portable electric power source which makes its use a 100 times more suitable.

The details provided regarding the specifications and great features of this device, you will be able to analyze the product in a better light. To understand the product with emphasis on its features that make it stand out from other machines of this category, you need to go through the review provided. For those who are in need of a fast and efficient service along with easily transportable additional features, this air compressor works best in its super quiet mode without disturbing anyone.

California 10020C Air Compressor Review -Features

Digital Pressure Gauge

As mentioned earlier, the most outstanding feature of this intricately built best quiet air compressor is its Digital Pressure Gauge. Where usually, customers complain of not being able to manage the pressure levels of their air compressors, California Air Compressor, with its inbuilt pressure gauge system automatically display the exact degree of the pressure contained within the object even before it starts to inflate. For example, while inflating a car tire, it is important to record the existing pressure to avoid any mishap. Similarly, air mattresses might be low on air and require a certain pressure to have it filled completely. Therefore, the California 10020C comes with this special feature. Not only this, to make it more user-friendly, the manufacturers have installed an in-built meter that enables you to mark a degree after which the machine will shut off, the moment that degree of temperature is reached. This increases the precision and accuracy of the entire action that is to be carried out.


Lightweight, Portable, and Sound Proof

What is better than a device that can be carried place to place due to its easy-to-handle and transportable outlook that makes your work easier and convenient in every possible manner. The California air compressor does not consist of complex material that makes its handling difficult or heavy components that adds to the weight of the compressor. Instead, it can be easily packed in the storage compartments provided for additional items such as the adapter, cord and the air hose. After using the product, the additional wires and hose can be packed back in to the spacious compartments provided for storage. Unlike other compressors that are built using low quality components, California air compressor serves to be the best quiet air compressor due to its ability to control the noise. This air compressor can be used in an environment where noise is not appreciated and quiet machines are required.



California 10020C Air Compressor Review – Specifications

  • 12.7 x 8.4 x 7.1 inches
  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Easily connected hose
  • Digital pressure gauge
  • Pressure can be set according to the user’s requirements
  • Spacious storage compartments
  • Does not produce a lot of noise
  • A power source varying from 12v to 120v
  • Additional features : 2 sports needles, a presta valve, and adapter and a raft nozzle are a part of the package.
  • A light installed inside that makes it easier to operate during night or an operation to be carried out in the dark
  • Available in 2 style. Auto Drain and Manual Drain.


California 10020C Air Compressor – Customer Reviews

The California Air Compressor has been widely recommended by customers due to different reasons. Most of them labeled it as the best quiet air compressor as it did not produce a lot of noise and created an easy working environment for the workers. This promotes a safe and ethical idea for those in the surroundings as well. Most of the users gave a positive feedback on the weight of the compressor and how it fills the tires or objects in use at a reasonable rate. The feature that is extremely appreciated and admired is the digital pressure gauge and the option to set the value for precision automatically.


For those users who cannot keep an eye on the Compressor at all times and are often occupied by some other problem highly praised the fact that they can easily set the value and attend to the machine at a time convenient to them. One customer mentioned how the California air compressor pumped air in an almost flat tire to a pressure of 38 lbs in not more than 5 minutes. The availability of the presta valve along with the raft nozzle adds an extra plus to the compressor making it even more efficient to operate.


However, some did complain that the nozzle needs to be pressed hard enough to make the presta valve attachment work, or else the air will leak out of the nozzle while being filled up. Furthermore, other customers demanded the wire to be longer, as the short length makes it difficult to handle in certain situations.

California 10020C Air Compressor Review – Conclusion

In this advanced technological age with different products and machines being made with most detailed manufacturing, the California air compressor 10020C stands out due to its flexibility and easily adaptable nature. Available at an affordable price, this portable little device has a digital display that is conveniently viewed from a distance as well. The compressor comes with a number of devices that present the compressor as an entire package. When compared to other compressors, the California air compressor has an electric power source instead of a corded one or another one that works on gas. With the presence of a digital gauge, this product saves time and energy at the same time.