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 NorthStar Air Compressor Review
Quincy Air Compressor Review Kobalt Air Compressor Review
Our Overall Rating:
User Reviews 83.5% 91.2% 98.9%
Power Source Corded – Electric Gas – Powered Electric (portable)
Digital gauge No No Yes
Voltage 230V 230V 12V or 120V

Kobalt Air Compressor Review

When it comes to buying a new air compressor you are probably considering the portability and flexibility. It is important to have a small sized and powerful compressor which will be easily stored. In this Kobalt air compressor review, we are going to represent a really good product which will meet your needs. You will be able to inflate your ATV, bike or car tires, air mattresses, pool floats and much more. With the available features and specifications you will get the best for an affordable price. Kobalt is a well known and famous brand and you will get the best out of it. However, the price is very affordable which is also another important thing. Now, you can get a great product for everyday use and save money at the same time. Also, you will inflate the items with an ease for a short period of time. This air compressor also includes digital pressure gauge. Hence, you will always get the exact correct information. Also, you will be able to set a desired pressure point and after that it will automatically shut off. There are a lot other features available. To learn more and know all you need to know before purchasing a new product, check this review. We hope that this Kobalt air compressor will help you get clear thoughts.

Kobalt Air Compressor Review

Kobalt Air Compressor Review – Features

No doubt that there are a lot of available products on the market. But, it is important to find a good quality one, which will offer you the easiest and most flexible features. The Kobalt air compressor is exactly one like that. It has a lot of good features. Among other features, this product also includes 2 sport needles, 1 raft nozzle and 1 presta valve adapter.

Digital Pressure Gauge

The available digital tire pressure gauge is really good features. It will show you the exact pressure even before starting to inflate. Although, a unit has to have power. You can even set the desired pressure. Then, when the desired pressure is reached, it will automatically shut off.

Storage Compartments

While you have a limited storage space packing an air compressor is important. The Kobalt air compressor is a great choice. It features nice storage compartments for adapters, bicycle tires, balls, 12V cord and air hose. As a result your space will always be organized and tidy. Also, you will be able to easily find what you are looking for and return it right in place. Anyway, you don’t have to worry about this, it is just a thing that you will normally do.


The light weight is a feature which will allow you to take the product anywhere you go. In addition to the storage compartments, the lightweight is an amazing feature. You can put it in your car and reach the compressor whenever you need it.

12V or 120V

This Kobalt air compressor gives you the opportunity to change to 12V or 120V. As a result, you will get an air compressor which will perfectly meet your needs. Also, the compressor is not terribly loud. Hence, you can inflate your tires or air bed without disturbing others around you.


  • Digital pressure gauge
  • Set desired pressure
  • 12V or 120V
  • Quick connect hose coupling
  • Great storage compartments
  • Lightweight
  • Not Loud


  • Air Hose is 2 feet long
  • 120V power cord is 22in long
  • Storage compartment doors don’t close securely
  • Difficult to stuff the 12V cord and air hose back into its place

However, most of the customers are recommending this product. Like any other product on the market, even Kobalt air compressor has its pros and cons. All in all, everything is acceptable and the price is reasonable. You can not get a better product for the same price.

Kobalt Air Compressor Review – Technical Details

Power Source 12v or 120v
Item Weight 6.3 pounds
Package Dimensions 12.9in x 9.2in x 7.4in

Final Verdict

Finally, we came to the end of this Kobalt air compressor review. All the available features and specifications will allow you to inflate all items fast and easy. The air compressor is compatible and very flexible. You can take it wherever you go. Because of the light weight and good dimensions, you will be able to put it in your car. Also, you can store it at home when not in use. As we said everything, there is not much left to describe. Now, it is upon you to decide whether this Kobalt air compressor is a good product for your needs. We hope that our Kobalt air compressor review will help you make your mind.